V9 - 01/07/04
  • reworked autoremove of sources. Runs much faster and uses less cpu now.
  • Added Slider for autoremove of sources. Remove Sources every 1 to 60 mins.
  • on PrefsTab Connections Download-Limit shows now correct kB/S and not only a number.
  • added code improvement for GetScoreRatio.[Sivka]
  • V8 - 01/02/04
  • updated to basecode 0.30e
  • removed community hack protection.
  • changed client-gfx for shareaza and hybrid and gfx for Rating. These look realy
  • added categorie 'Active', this contains all files that are not finished, errorous,
        paused or stopped.
  • V7 - 10/08/03
  • updated to basecode 0.30b
  • fixed wrong displayed columns in downloadlist.
  • V6 - 09/10/03
  • fixed disabling 'Remove High QR' disables complete autoremove.
  • added two standard categories : 'waiting/transfering' and 'paused/stopped'
  • added again and modified download statistics.[xChipx]
  • V5 - 09/02/03
  • added Community Hack Protection. [???]
  • added auto-remove of highQR sources. Settings in advanced-prefs.
  • added manual remove of highQR sources.
  • moved 'copy ed2k-link' into file-menu.
  • moved 'show meta-data' into file-menu.
        'show meta-data' is only visible if 'advanced-mode controls' is enabled.
  • moved 'Sources handling (A4AF)' into 'Sources handling'.
        'Sources handling' is only visible if 'advanced-mode controls' is enabled.
  • V4 - 08/27/03
  • added auto-remove control to advanced-preferences.
         Now you can decide which kind of sources is auto-removed.
         "No needed parts", "Full queue" or both.
  • fixed remaining size not being displayed.
  • fixed display bug in sharedfiles.
  • a few optical changes.
  • V3 - 08/25/03
  • fixed parttraffic - seems to work now.

  • added support for ET_COMMUNITY 0x60 (i think this one was not in use - hope so.)
        I think sending the communitystring as a tag to the other clients is a much better
        way than all the communitynames in the clientsname.
        On advanced-pref-tab are now two edittext. One for the communityname, the
        other for the identifier.
        Please check the tags, because old community-string(identifier) is now the
  • did some localization (i tried to - spanish and italian).
  • V2 - 08/22/03
  • added changed downloadpercentage. [HoaX_69]

  • added and modified releaseslot [Slugfiller].
        If this feature is enabled (on Advanced-pref-tab) and client asks for a release-
        priority file the client goes right to the uploadqueue. The next client asking for
        a releasefile has to wait until the slot is free again, but its going up the queue
        as usual too.

  • changed the parttraffic code.
        This got a little bug at the momment. If you are using parttraffic
        please stay on V1

  • fixed show comments bug.
  • did some localization (German only - sorry).
  • V1 - 08/21/03
  • added Mod-Version Indentify 0x55 [Maella]

  • added Autopriority-control again and changed the look a little bit.

  • added sourcesave by enkeyDev.

  • changed Queuesize-range to 500 to 5000

  • added a manual drop of full-queue sources.

  • modified the download-menu. Now it is much smaller:
        Cancel, stop, pause and resume moved into "Download".
        Drop sources moved into "Source".
        Open, preview, filedetails and comments moved into "File".

  • added manual drop of no needed sources.

  • added parttraffic. [xrmb]

  • QR is shown in source-column and Version in the priority-column.
  • QR for sources is not shown for a4af and downloading sources.
  • added communtiy push. Everybody who has the communitystring(caseinsensitive) specified on the
        advanced-prefs-tab in his clientname is pushed.
  • added friends-push.
  • no friends- and community-push multiplicator. You get only for one of both a push.
  • Friends are not banned.
  • changed user-icons. [DrSirius]
  • added new icons for community-members in uploadlist and -queue.
        Now there is a green-guy with a red "C" on his shirt if the client
        is identified as community-member.
  • added new preferences tab Advanced.
  • En-/disable remove no needed Sources on advanced-tab.
  • shortened the localisation code.
  • remaining column in downloadlist splitted into two columns.
  • added small- and rarefile push [herbert] with additions by Tarod and MatzeHH
        and added columns to waitingqueuelist.
  • ban set down to 90 minutes instead of 5 hours.
  • added reconnect on lowID
  • added compression column in uploadlist

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