News    01/06/04

eMule30x-Hunter.9 released.

News    01/02/04

eMule30x-Hunter.8 released.

Codeupdate to 30e

News    12/23/03
Merry Christmas and a happy new year

to all Hunter-Mod users.
There will be an update soon

OBI Bau- und Heimwerkermarkt
News    10/08/03

eMule30x-Hunter.7 released.

Codeupdate to 30b

News    09/10/03

eMule30a-Hunter.6 released.

Had not much time, so this is just a small update.

News    09/02/03

eMule30a-Hunter.5 released.

Next week, next version.
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News    08/27/03

eMule30a-Hunter.4 released.

News    08/25/03

eMule30a-Hunter.3 released.

Using community sharing? Then please check and edit your settings!!!

News    08/22/03

eMule30a-Hunter.2 released.

If you are using the parttraffic stay on Hunter.1 please. There is a little bug in the new load/save routines. This will hopefully be fixed in the next version.
Have a nice weekend.

News    08/22/03

At the moment there are only english and german language included in the binary.
For other language DLLs visit

If anyone has made or can make a localisation of the changes i made (there are not many)
please post the changes for your language in the board. thanks a lot.

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